The shooting of three Muslim students yesterday in Chapel Hill, NC is horrific and tragic and awful and just about any other adjective you might think of to describe a triple-murder, but there’s one thing that’s clear: It’s not at all comparable to the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris last month.

But not according to Sally Kohn:

For real.

Readers quickly schooled Kohn on where she went wrong. First up, on her criticism of the media’s coverage of the event, which is now quite extensive:

Heh. Maybe she needs a time machine to accurately judge the media’s coverage?

And secondly, let’s point out the obvious: there’s no “remotely comp coverage for shooting *OF* Muslims right here @ home” because the two stories aren’t remotely comparable. At all:

Great job, Sally. Except for the number of killers and victims, the weapons used, terrorist ties, multi-day search, multiple terrorist attacks, a police/military stand-off, world solidarity marches and millions of Muslims angered by cartoons, these stories are remarkably similar.


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