Presumed 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush launched a new website this morning that allows anyone to search a database of the nearly 300,000 emails sent and received from his address during his time as Governor.

Transparency, defined.

But some on Twitter aren’t happy with the former governor:

But as the Daily Caller reported earlier today, many of these emails were already obtained by Democrats:

Many of these emails had already been obtained by Democrats, including the liberal opposition research outfit American Bridge, through a public records request and posted online.

And the emails are considered of public record:

However, just because the records are in the public record doesn’t mean Jeb Bush is entirely in the clear. He could have redacted some of the personal information before he posted it. For example, one email Twitchy reviewed (and is not posting or linking to) between Bush and a veteran looking for help on paying off student loans includes the soldier’s Social Security number.

We’ll see if Bush makes any changes to the database to address these concerns.

As far as transparency goes, it’s not only emails that Bush has opened to the public. He seems to have surprised reporters by actually allowing them to cover a fundraiser he held earlier this morning:

Ha! “Wee-wee.” That’s in relation to this story from a New York Time reporter who was escorted to the bathroom by Clinton staffers while covering a Clinton Global Initiative event.



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