There is a report that Uruguay has expelled an Iranian envoy after the diplomat was suspected of taking part in the placing of a bomb near the Israeli embassy:

More from Haartz:

Uruguay expelled a senior diplomat in Iran’s embassy in Montevideo two weeks ago, following suspicions that he was involved in placing an explosive device near the Israeli embassy in early January, according to senior sources in Jerusalem.

Investigations carried out by Uruguay’s intelligence services after the discovery of the device yielded information pointing to a possible involvement of someone at the Iranian embassy. The Uruguayan government turned to Iran’s government for information and after consultations between the two, it was decided to expel one of the senior diplomats at Iran’s embassy.

The Obama administration is currently negotiating with Iran over their nuclear capabilities, and the president has said that he’d rather “give peace a chance.”

Would the Obama administration cut off discussions? Confidence is low:

And if Obama did respond? If any, given his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, this might be a good bet:

The Crusades! Or something.