Yes, let’s do see what Media Matters, Hillary Clinton’s favorite media lapdog watchdog, has to say about Brian Williams and his big lie about getting shot at in a helicopter in Iraq.

Here’s what their homepage looked like last night:

No coverage of the story. At all.

And as of the writing of this post, there’s still nothing on their Twitter feed or on their homepage.

Yes, really, really “weird.” That is if you define weird as “expected.”

Media Matters, however. has found time to tweet about Fox News though:

Eric Boehlert did, at least, acknowledge the story:

But he is more angry that somebody referred to Hillary Clinton as the “Death Star”:

Of course, it will be incredibly difficult for Media Matters to criticize Williams because his story is the same kind of “fog of memory” fabrication that happened to Hillary during her failed 2008 presidential campaign when she lied about taking sniper fire in Bosnia.

But if we want a preview of how Media Matters and other libs might respond to the Williams lie, here’s Oliver Willis, who after linking to the Stars and Stripes story, went with this:

“You should never make things up.” Well, tell that to Hillary when she eventually does decide to run in 2016.



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