So, you know how Brian Williams’ story about being in a chopper shot down by RPG fire in Iraq in 2003 turned out to be a steaming pile of B.S.? Back in early 2013, Williams sat down with David Letterman and recounted his “harrowing” tale — and that footage makes him look even worse:


“Two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire, including the one I was in.”

“No kidding!”

“RPG and AK-47.”

“What altitudes were you hit at?”

“We were only at a hundred feet doing a hundred forward knots because we had these massive pieces of bridge beneath us on slings.”

“What happens the minute everybody realizes you’ve been hit?”

“Uh, we figure out how to land safely, and we did. We landed very quickly and hard and we put down and we were stuck. Four birds in the middle of the desert, and we were north out ahead of the other Americans.”

“Oh my. So as a guy, as a journalist, what do you think? ‘This is a great position to be in,’ or ‘Holy crap, I gotta get outta here”?

“I, uh, more toward the “holy crap.”

Holy crap, indeed. Williams was absolutely full of it. He knows it now, and he sure as hell knew it back then.

What can he say? Lying just comes naturally to him.



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