Scott Walker in a tele-town hall with Iowans tonight was sounding more like a 2016 presidential candidate. He cited his battles with the Wisconsin public sector unions in his state as proof that he is “battle tested.”

Twitchy covered the online threats Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received for defeating the public sector unions at practically every opportunity. Walker has been speaking openly about some of the threats he received in this tele-town hall as well as in other venues.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush who only days ago claimed to be unaware of these death threats aimed at Walker and his family was critical of Walker’s use of them as part of his campaign rhetoric.

Through his surrogates, like Julian Bond.

Sorry, ironically named tweeter.

The Democrats tried floating the idea that Obama receives more death threats than any other president. Even according to PolitFact it turned out not to be true so they had to find other ways to make unsubstantiated charges of racism against the American people.

Obviously a President is going to receive a lot more attention from nuts than a governor will. It’s not really relevant to compare them. The question is will talking about real threats help Walker make his case to the American people. So far he seems to think it will. If left wing journalists continue to be critical of it, that may be a sign that it is helping.

Walker touched on other issues in the tele-town hall including the fight against radical Islam and securing the border.



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