We’ve already read plenty of criticism of “American Sniper,” which this weekend has overtaken “Saving Private Ryan” at the box office as the No. 1 war movie of all time. Some lefty magazines, such as The New Republic, have published “reviews” of the movie written by critics who openly admit they haven’t seen it. Frequent Huffington Post contributor Ferrari Sheppard tweeted that “people like [Chris] Kyle would blow my head off for walking down a dark street,” adding, “Don’t try to include me in the American family when it’s time to kill brown people overseas.”

So, what would the libertarian Reason magazine contribute to the conversation? Well, do you remember the writer whose hot take was to compare Kyle to Adam Lanza, the madman behind the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school?

Reason thought it would be a great idea to reprint that very essay.

If you thought that was the bottom of the barrel, you’re mistaken. Confronted on Twitter by TheBlaze contributor John Cardillo, Sheldon Richman admitted that if it came down to it, he’d prefer “invader” and “trespasser” Chris Kyle had been killed rather than an Iraqi.

We need to see that again to believe it.

Richman inspired plenty of blowback; here’s just a sample.


‘#Hottake’: Writer doesn’t see the difference between Chris Kyle and Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter

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