Do Twitchy readers remember Cylvia Hayes, the fiancée of Oregon’s Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber? She’s the upstanding citizen who admitted back in October to marrying an illegal immigrant from Ethiopia in a sham marriage for cash. Prosecutors declined to bring charges against Hayes for the marriage, but maybe they’ll get another shot.

Hayes is under fire after admitting to taking over $100,000 in undisclosed consulting fees from a clean energy non-profit that benefited from Oregon taxpayers. Hayes, who runs an environmental consulting firm, advises the state and the governor on clean-energy policy:

And there is talk that Hayes could face Federal fraud charges with additional questions if she properly disclosed the undisclosed funds on her tax returns:

Gov. Kitzhaber will speak at a surprise Friday news conference (10 a.m. PST) where it’s expected that he’ll address issue.

Stay tuned…


WTF: Oregon’s First Lady admits she had a sham marriage with an immigrant for money