GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham is über-impressed with hardcore lefty AG nominee Loretta Lynch:

So impressed that he’s about ready to give her his vote:

Isn’t that special?

Lynch’s actual record doesn’t seem to be an issue for Graham. Her abhorrent support for partial-birth abortion, for example:


“In 2006, you signed an amicus brief supporting Planned Parenthood’s opposition to partial-birth abortion ban; is that correct?” said Graham at Lynch’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Yes,” said Lynch, “I was one of a number of former Department of Justice officials [who signed it].”

“The only reason I mentioned that,” said Graham, “is that if there’s a Republican president in the future, an attorney general nominee takes an opposite view on an issue like abortion, I hope our friends on the other side will acknowledge it’s OK to be an advocate for a cause, as their lawyer. That doesn’t disqualify you from serving.”

Same goes for Orrin Hatch, it seems:

Time to scrape these barnacles once and for all.



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