ABC’s Jonathan Karl is one of the few network news reporters who doesn’t seem to be a water carrier for President Obama. He asks some questions that make press secretaries squirm.

It sure does. The White House negotiated with the Taliban to trade five of their high level detainees at Guantanamo Bay for Bowe Bergdahl who may soon be charged as a deserter. If they call the Taliban a terrorist organization they will be 1) admitting to negotiating with terrorists and 2) admitting to negotiating very badly with terrorists.

Questioning a Democrat administration with anything but softballs is rare, so naturally some are accusing Karl of being a Republican operative.

Most of the response on Twitter was pretty favorable though.


What did the Obama Administration say about the Taliban back in June 2014? Back then they told ABC that the Taliban were terrorists.

White House: Yes, The Taliban Is a Terrorist Organization

Different day, different weasel words. Pretty much what we’ve all come to expect from this White House.



‘Asking real questions’: ABC News’ Jonathan Karl takes squirming Jay Carney ‘to the woodshed’