There has been some rare good news over the past few day on the war against ISIS and the battle for the Syrain border town of Kobani. It’s looking like ISIS has been defeated:

And this has State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki doing a little victory dance and snarking at the media for its doom-and-gloom coverage of the battle:

She asks where the media will focus now that the battle has been won. How about, why did the Kurds have to make their own armored vehicles to beat back ISIS?

And if the U.S. is doing such a great job fighting ISIS, why are they gaining so much new territory?

Or perhaps a few questions on what’s going on in Libya and what the White House intends to do about it?

Or how about the media asks why the U.S. is considering partnering with Bashar Assad to fight ISIS?

Or maybe the media can ask a little more about the potential consequences of U.S. allies Japan and Jordan swapping hostages for terrorists?

At least ask a few questions on why the U.S. swapping Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban terrorists is really that much different than the ISIS-Japan-Jordan hostage deal which will only encourage more kidnappings to finance terror operations?

And let’s not forget Yemen, an Obama success story on how to fight ISIS:

So, yes, media … please take Ms. Psaki up on her offer and do ask as many questions as you possibly can.

We’ll eagerly await her answers.



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