Survivors, dignitaries and world leaders including Prime Minister David Cameron of the U.K. gathered in Poland today to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

The BBC reports:

Those who survived Auschwitz lived through one of the 20th Century’s worst acts of hatred and inhumanity. Many of those still alive today were children in 1945 but they are elderly now and this may be the last significant anniversary where so many will gather.

A huge, white temporary building has been erected over the brick railway buildings where many of the Jews of Europe were sorted into those who were fit enough for slave labour and those who would be taken straight to the gas chambers.

Candles have been lit at the Death Wall where prisoners were executed – small points of light in this wintry landscape of snow and ice, where Europe is remembering a time of darkness.

And here are some of the more memorable and poignant photos we’ve seen commemorating the event:

As the lead tweet in this post mentions, President Obama couldn’t attend today’s ceremony because he is at the memorial service for King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia, but the U.S. did send a delegation led by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew:

And this nice wreath:

President Obama did issue a statement which was tweeted out by our embassy in Warsaw:

Note: The official White House account has yet to tweet anything about Auschwitz, but they do want you to watch this amusing video of Kal Penn in India:

Maybe the WH social-media team needs to reevaluate their priorities.



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