Astoundingly un-American ideas like this caused a stir on Twitter thanks to an article in The Nation and a New York Times blog post

This ridiculous snippet from the article at The Nation is going viral.

And as Josh Barro points out, single-earner households are getting a bonus another way: the labor a mother or father performs in the home caring for a kid or wiping down a counter is unpaid and therefore goes untaxed. When two parents work outside the home and pay someone to watch their children, both those incomes are taxed.

The link in that snippet points back to a New York Times blog post by Josh Barro with an equally ridiculous smart take.

President Obama’s proposal to expand a tax break for working parents with children under 5 has some conservatives criticizing it for discriminating against stay-at-home parents.

Those parents wouldn’t be able to take the proposed tax credit equal to 50 percent of child care expenses, up to a maximum of $3,000 per child. What the critics fail to see is that the playing field wasn’t level to begin with. The tax code is already hugely distorted in favor of stay-at-home parenting: Labor outside the home is taxed; household work, such as stay-at-home parenting, is not. (emphasis added)

You see, by being a stay at home parent, you are a recipient of government benevolence because your “labor” is not taxed. Funny. We were always under the impression that it was income that was taxed, not labor. But the moonbats are actually arguing that by performing labor without income, you are technically stealing—or at least receiving benefits—from the government. Your labor is not your own.



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