Gird your loins New York City! Winter storm Juno is bearing down on the Northeast and the National Weather Service is warning of a “crippling and potentially historic” blizzard with up to three feet of snow in NYC and Boston. For real:


And this has Mayor de Blasio in full emergency/panic mode:

OK. This sounds really bad. So, what about NYC’s public schools?

They’re open tomorrow:

Eek. Let’s hope the storm holds off until all the kids are home.

New Yorkers and Bostonians are preparing for Juno as you’d expect — with panic buying at the grocery store:

But let’s not overlook what’s probably the real cause of this storm. Killing a groundhog means your city gets turned into an igloo:

That’s right, Mayor de Blasio: If you thought the death of that groundhog would go un-avenged, you were sadly mistaken. Good luck, sir — you’ll need it.



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