What do airlines and the TSA have against author, radio personality and TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch? In 2012, her husband Chris was subjected to two pat-downs and two swabs and held in a private screening room for 40 minutes. When she won a clear glass Breitbart Award the following month, the TSA somehow suspected it might be some kind of bomb.

Three months later she was groped by the TSA after being found to be “tainted with explosives.” The following summer? “I had a very nice lady by idiotic policy forced to grab my chest, butt, and crotch.

Tonight? A trip home from the SHOT Show turned into another travel nightmare because of a brass pen.


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American Airlines says that this is deadly and confiscated.

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A happy ending of sorts, courtesy of neither the TSA nor American Airlines.

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If you like the pen and don’t plan on flying with it, here’s the site to visit.