This is probably a good measuring stick for most non-food related things.




‘Tell that to Chris Kyle’: ‘Dumbass’ Michael Moore slams snipers as ‘cowards’

‘So you could spew vile, untrue, pathetic words’: Katie Pavlich tells Michael Moore what he should be saying to Chris Kyle

Michael Moore’s ‘cowards’ tweet inspires #MichaelMooreIsMoreWorthlessThan hashtag game

‘Disingenuous loser’: Backpedaling Michael Moore says sniper ‘cowards’ slam not about Chris Kyle

‘Right now, I wanna kick your a**’: Chris Kyle’s friend Dean Cain has message for Michael Moore, Seth Rogen

‘Isn’t that the damn TRUTH!’ Travis Tritt makes great point about treatment of gun owners

Travis Tritt sickened by ‘absolutely disgraceful’ treatment of American veterans

‘Absolutely appalled and disgusted’: See why Travis Tritt is pissed off at US lawmakers

‘Redneck? Yes. Paranoid? No’: Travis Tritt schools libs on gun control, reveals his two fears

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