Say what? It appears the NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots ‘purposely deflated footballs’ during their victory Sunday over the Indianapolis Colts.

The New England Patriots’ win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in the AFC Championship game might come at a cost.

According to Indianapolis reporter Bob Kravitz, the NFL is looking into whether the Patriots “deflated footballs” that were used during the game.

Kravitz reports that at one point during the Patriots’ 45-7 win, the officials had to take a football and weigh it.

The Patriots (a.k.a. the “Cheatriots“) have a bit of a sullied history when it comes to unfair play. So even though the team handily beat the Colts, fans justifiably find the #deflategate accusations credible.

Twitter users quickly trended #deflategate. Hilarity ensued and is still ensuing:

It was hard for a few commenters to resist the “Shake It Off” riffs.

Also: Deflated. Balls.


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