Earlier tonight Michael Moore, once again, angered many on Twitter with a comment he made regarding the new hit film “American Sniper” where he called military snipers “cowards” and also referred to our soldiers who fought in Iraq as “invaders.”

Well, Tweeters weren’t happy with the Moore and now the hashtag #MichaelMooreIsMoreWorthlessThan is trending.

Here are some of the funnier ones we’ve seen, and yes, Michael Moore is more worthless than every single one:

And quite a few Tweeters think Moore is even more worthless than James Taylor, if that’s even possible:

And we’ll end it with this. Yes, Moore is even more worthless than a keyboard class for Twitchy regular Cher and her ALL-CAPS OUTRAGE!!!


All of tonight’s #MichaelMooreIsMoreWorthlessThan here.


Editor’s note: This post has been edited for clarity.


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