There’s certainly a lot of criticism and hate out there of the new film “American Sniper,” and most of it we think is pretty unfair. This criticism ranges from the stupid, as in the New Republic reviewing the film without seeing it, to the sick, as in Michael Moore calling members of the military like Chris Kyle “cowards.” But CNN’s Jake Tapper points out an aspect of the film that’s being missed in this Twitter slam-fest from the Left:

Exactly. 1000 times this.

Tapper recently interviewed the film’s star, Bradley Cooper, along with Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya, where they talked about the movie and how veterans who had seen it were reacting to it.

Cooper and Kyle stress during the interview the importance of the aspects of the movie that deal with Chris’ home life and Cooper specifically says he hopes the film “can educate those of us who aren’t really familiar with the plight of the soldier and the soldier’s family.”

Well, to educate these folks they’d have to actually see the movie first. Let’s start with that.

Video here.



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