Here’s some Oscar trivia for you: in 1998, Bob Seger was nominated for Best Original Song for “Shakedown.” Somehow that just came to mind after reading that Al Sharpton, fresh from his meeting with the leadership of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has called for an “emergency meeting” in Hollywood to assess possible action around the Academy Awards. Like the Rocky Mountains, Sharpton wrote, the higher the movie industry gets, the whiter it gets.

The #OscarsSoWhite hashtag has been among the top trends on Twitter all day, but it’s pretty tame and doesn’t include a direct call to action, which today’s protesters crave. Could #HandsUpNoOscar inspire an awards night boycott?

Don Lemon, the “Worst Journalist of 2014” and “modern day house negro” who’s been slammed by both Russell Simmons and Touré?

We’re certain Sharpton will find some way to “help” in his own way; he always does.