It’s a good tradition, especially when an article cites illustrious thinkers like Matt Yglesias to support it’s argument.

There actually is a kernel of truth in Slate’s dilemma about Charlie Hebdo though.

We shouldn’t consider the magazine “heroic” at all. Give them credit for being a little more gutsy than the major news organizations who tuck tail and run from anything that might potentially offend perpetually outraged Islamists. That’s not heroism though. The cartoons published in the magazine are crass, generally offensive and puerile. That’s not racism though. “Racism” is just the lazy liberal writer’s wild card.

The real issue here isn’t somehow holding them to be both heroes and racists. The lesson is in recognizing that while they slandered all creeds in a trashy magazine, only one of those creeds thought they deserved to die for doing so.

France’s ambassador to the U.S. chimed in to correct Slate.

We don’t need to embrace Charlie Hebdo at all. We only need to embrace the truth that they have the right to be offensive.