Tweeters are appalled at coverage from The Telegraph (U.K.) of today’s terror attack in Paris, and rightly so, for photos they’ve posted that blur or crop out images of the allegedly offensive Charlie Hebdo magazine covers:

They’ve also posted a photo of Charlie Hebdo Editor-in-Chief Stéphane Charbonnier, who was killed in today’s attack, that crops out the cover of the magazine:


Here are some non-cropped pics from the same shoot, which as you can see was designed to show off the cover of the magazine:

And it looks like The Telegraph has pulled the blurred image altogether from their live-blog coverage of attack:


As we posted earlier, a Tweeter has issued a challenge to the MSM to publish the allegedly offensive cartoons of Muhammed in solidarity with the courageous journalists at Charlie Hebdo.

But what The Telegraph did is exactly the opposite of the courage that’s needed today.



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