All morning, Twitter has been inundated with tweets decrying the lack of media coverage about the alleged terrorist bombing near an NAACP office in Colorado Springs, Colo.

To the surprise of nobody, racialist agitator Shaun King is fanning the flames:

So is Manik Rathee, the former Obama For America employee who pushed the Big Lie about the Michael Brown shooting:

The idea, according to the Left, is that there is a moral equivalence between the alleged “NAACP bomber” and the homicidal nutjob who assassinated two New York Police Department officers a few weeks ago. Seriously?

As for the purported media blackout, here are just a few of the articles published during the past 24 hours:

All for a “bomb” (probably an M-80 firecracker) that did not cause any injuries or significant property damage and which has not yet been determined to have targeted anyone specifically.

The Colorado Springs Gazette said the explosion occurred at Mr. G’s Hair Salon, which shares an address with the NAACP office. A Mr. G’s employee, however, told Twitchy the explosion occurred in the back of the building — some distance away from the entryways of both Mr. G’s and the NAACP office.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the “NAACP bomber” didn’t place his firecracker in front of the NAACP’s office?

Yes. Yes it does:


Shaun King pushed Big Lie about Michael Brown shooting

Manik Rathee pushed Big Lie about Michael Brown shooting