That “evergreen tweet” seemed to be the best way to kick off this particular year-end roundup.

Here at Twitchy we get a kick out of the error prone “Voxsplainers” at and frequently highlight the twisted progressive logic and liberal “smart takes” led by their leadership team of Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias. Choosing only a dozen of Vox’s nuttiest, outlandish and most inaccurate “Voxsplanations” was no easy chore because there were so many to choose from.

Even though the GE-sponsored venture (which is funny in its own right) just launched in the spring of 2014, but here are 13 we thought were mock-worthy for a second time:

13) Don’t you dare ask Muslims to condemn terrorism:

12) Got a geography question? Vox is happy to help:

11) “Geography is hard,” part II:

10) Naturally Vox defended Obamacare against criticism from Americans who have the audacity to live in the real world:

9) You can’t have a ridiculous story without an even more ridiculous headline, as evidenced by this story from October:

8) In October, an attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada left a soldier dead. Vox was on it in their own way:

7) Vox couldn’t even talk about toilets without their “facts” going down the drain:

6) Were pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong so inspired by Ferguson protesters that they borrowed the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture? No, but Vox didn’t care because they were on a roll:

5) Sometimes Vox isn’t content with just telling some Americans why they’re wrong. Consider yourselves schooled, ISIS:

4) The REAL reason for the Ebola outbreak?

3) Somebody at Vox still needs to Voxsplain why this ad placement from July is hilarious:

2) Biology fail? Vox had you covered in an interview with somebody they actually took seriously:

1) Beware single-sourced info on a news story — such as claims that there’s a bridge from Gaza to the West Bank:

2014 was a crazy year, but a little more ridiculous thanks to Vox!