Actress Kaley Cuoco, star of the CBS hit comedy “Big Bang Theory,” has outraged many on Twitter for comments she made on feminism in a recent interview with Redbook magazine. First up, here’s what she said:


Scandalous? Hardly. But the outrage that followed was entirely predictable:

Although not everyone was content to simply disagree with Cuoco’s worldview. Oh, no. They had to go and insinuate she was too stupid to understand what “feminism” truly means:

And we wonder if some of Kaley’s critics have ever watched the show:

We won’t go into a lengthy analysis of the “Big Bang Theory” here, but in many ways Kaley’s character is the smartest one of the group. And as for equality, she just signed a reported $72 million contract:

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Cuoco, Parsons and Galecki tripled their salaries from $325K per episode to ‘about $1 million per half-hour and an increased cut of the back-end.’

Look at that: Her salary is equal to that of the male co-stars!



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