Eww. Just eww.

It’s real, not an Onion parody, people. The media drool buckets overfloweth.

Emetic alert, CODE RED.

“Man, my jump shot is broke,” the president said just before the November midterm elections. “I’ve been working too hard. I’ve got to get back in the gym.”

A White House aide said golf gives the president a taste of competition and athleticism without basketball’s injury risks. Above all it provides a sense of freedom for Mr. Obama, who has bemoaned the confines of the office. Aside from the golf course, there’s no other open space where he can walk around freely, said the aide, who requested anonymity so he could speak candidly.

The president tends to play golf with White House staff, friends, donors and celebrities.

So glad a brave aide was available to “speak candidly” about the Jock of The United States. Will the CBS water boys start filing JOTUS reports regularly now?

We’re so looking forward to more #RealJournalism in 2015.

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