There are multiple conspiracy theories and doubts being shared on Twitter right now of the official version of events surrounding the death of Antonio Martin, an 18-year-old man who was shot and killed last night near Ferguson, Missouri after allegedly pointing a gun at a police officer.

First up, there is a widespread belief that cops planted the gun recovered at the scene of the shooting after Martin’s mother, Toni, told reporters last night that he wasn’t carrying a weapon:

Tweeters quickly provided amateur forensic analysis of the crime scene photos, with what they say is evidence that the gun was not present immediately following the shooting:

A somewhat legitimate issue being discussed is that the one surveillance video released by the St. Louis County Police Department isn’t the best quality (at least the version we’ve seen) and that the encounter happens far away from the camera at the top-left corner of the screen:

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, who is giving the briefing linked to here, stops the footage before Martin is shot, but told reporters there is more tape than what was shown:

This shortened video, however, has many questioning if the video indeed shows what the police allege it shows:

Tweeters are pointing out that there are multiple other cameras that would have captured the shooting and want to know when/if the police will release additional footage:

According to the press conference this morning, the police officer isn’t doing himself any favors as his patrol car’s dash-cam was not activated nor was he wearing his body-cam:

One particularly ugly theory that’s out there is that Martin was alive for up to 30 minutes after the shooting and left to die by cops and EMS workers:

Martin’s body was eventually removed from the scene not by ambulance, but in some sort of minivan:

Here’s the video. It’s unclear if the minivan is an official city vehicle or not, but reports from the scene and suggest that this is the medical examiner’s vehicle:



Protesters clash with police after 18-year-old Antonio Martin shot and killed in Berkeley, Mo. [pics, video]