In advance of the president’s final press conference of the year Friday, press secretary Josh Earnest let the White House press corps know that President Obama would be shaking things up a bit by giving a chance to those reporters who weren’t usually given an opportunity to ask their questions. As it turned out, what that meant was the president would call on only women — an historic event and maybe even the end of Obama’s six-year war on women reporters.

Very big, apparently.

If only all of the male reporters in the room had known.

Was the move to address only women’s questions intentional? Absolutely.

Sexist or not, the word “softball” was on a lot of people’s minds.

One reporter who stood out was April D. Ryan, who pressed the president on race relations and “the state of black America” in 2014, which is apparently “better off now than it was when I came into office.”

Call them softball questions if you want, but a few reporters were struck less by the exclusive focus on women than by the questions that weren’t asked. Not a popular topic: international events.

Look who crawled out of the woodwork to praise the president’s performance.

And out of here and on the plane to Hawaii.

Also impressed and not ashamed to say so: Politico’s Dylan Byers.

Don’t fret, Mark Knoller; one day your kind will get their turn.


‘I ain’t buying it’: Obama says blacks are ‘better off’ than when he came into office