Speaking of “truthiness,” Barack Obama has been president for six years and some people still don’t understand that @BarackObama isn’t Barack Obama. Unless a tweet ends with the initials ‑bo, that is; then it is Barack Obama. Otherwise, it’s some random clown from Organizing for Action operating under Barack Obama’s name and a blue “verified” checkmark. Truthy enough for you?

In any case, the final episode of “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central earned a coveted tweet from @barackobama. After all, as Nancy Pelosi tweeted earlier, “The Nation mourns.”

Speaking of politicians and kneepads, look who else showed up to send off Colbert on his brave, unprecedented journey from one network to another.


‘Stage 5 Clinger’: DCCC flaunts its creepy-ass crush on Stephen Colbert [photos]