Twitchy is reporting on the ongoing hostage situation in the Martin Place sector of Sydney, Australia where a gunmen has reportedly taken up to 13 people hostage at a Lindt Coffee cafe.

Prime Minister John Abbot has just issued the following statement:

There are multiple reports that the hostage taker is demanding to speak to Abbott:

And there are reports that this image is the hostage taker:

Update 8:14:

Update 8:44:

Update 9:06:

Update 9;18:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets and the title has been changed to reflect breaking news.


Breaking: Report of shotgun wielding man with ISIS flag holding hostages in Sydney, Australia [photos]; Update: Opera House evacuated; Update: Reportedly 13 hostages; Update: Not an ISIS flag; Update: Airspace over Sydney ‘CBD’ closed; Correction: Media reports airspace not closed