Lena Dunham has found ways to disgust lots of people over the course of her career. Particularly unsettling were graphic passages in her memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl,” that suggested that “being a weird 7-year-old” meant “acting like a sexual predator” toward her younger sister; i.e., molestation. (Just a joke, she claimed later.)

As Twitchy noted, book reviewers managed to overlook those passages completely while becoming engrossed with the fuzzy recounting of a rape by “a prominent college Republican.” Time declared, Dunham’s “story of rape is a must-read.” The Huffington Post huffed that Dunham “opens up about being a rape survivor.” The Los Angeles Times’ piece? “What you can learn from Lena Dunham’s rape disclosure.”

What Random House learned is that lawsuits tend to follow false claims of rape, and the publisher has offered to pay legal fees so far incurred by Dunham’s “rapist” to fend off a court battle.

Who will come to Dunham’s rescue at this point? She’s defending herself, with extensive assistance from BuzzFeed, which on Tuesday night gave her the opportunity to share “the ways I’ve been attacked for sharing my story” — with “story” being the operative word. “Reporters have attempted to uncover the identity of my attacker despite my sincerest attempts to protect this information,” she writes. Sincerely, what attempts?

But she does devote more than 50 to the word, “I.”

At least one celebrity supporter believes Dunham: 9/11 truther Rosie O’Donnell.

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