Former Secret Service Agent, author and congressional candidate Dan Bongino was on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight discussing race and law enforcement with Charles Blow. It led to a rather bizarre Twitter exchange about “litmus tests” for racist tendencies. It wasn’t the first time Twitchy has covered Bongino getting attacked over race. The last time ended with the attacker deleting her Twitter account.

This one was pretty weird.

Dan’s wife Paula is a hispanic immigrant from Colombia.

She could have found any number of Dan’s speeches online to see what he’s about. It’s pretty telling that her search was for pictures so she could judge by skin color.

Maybe if people didn’t try to apply silly litmus tests to people to decide whether they’re racists …

Obviously sharing meals and social time can dissipate tension. Requiring it as proof of one’s not being racist is something entirely different.

Many of us have the same hunch about journalists. This isn’t changing that either.




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