Today hasn’t been such a great day for feminism. Now that Rolling Stone’s heavily touted article purportedly exposing a gang rape at UVA has been shot full of holes, Our Ladies of the Perpetually Outraged are beside themselves looking for ways to keep the dubious rape narrative alive.

One of these angry gals is the charming Melissa McEwan, who, according to her Twitter bio, is “proprietor of Shakesville, a progressive feminist blog and a community of teaspoon-wielding badasses who expect more.” Apparently one of the things she doesn’t expect is for rape accusers to be completely honest:


Actually, the point is that when it comes to accusing someone else of rape — of any crime — facts are pretty darn important. Needless to say, McEwan’s logic didn’t go over terribly well with people who aren’t complete idiots:

It’s truly an art.

Melissa’s so busy dismissing skeptics of a shady story, does she realize the actual harm she’s causing?

Absolutely. But McEwan’s far more upset about being confronted with her own flaming stupidity:

Because everyone who disagrees with her is a “rape apologist.” Please.

Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

Yeah, well …


Oh, snap.

Maybe when McEwan’s finished sputtering, she can take some time to ponder this:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.


Update: It appears that McEwan has deleted her entire Twitter account. DLTDHYOTWO, Melissa.



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