As Twitchy reported yesterday, protesters angered by a grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the July 17 choking death of Eric Garner took to the streets. In New York, thousands of demonstrators shut down traffic around the city, closing off the West Side Highway, while others turned their anger toward the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting, hoping to disrupt the festivities there (or possibly burn the tree down).

Organized largely via social media posts, protesters agreed to meet tonight in New York’s Foley Square to protest Garner’s death and the grand jury’s decision not to indict. Also circulating on social media: rules for dealing with police.

Members of the CUNY Internationalist Clubs, “the organization of revolutionary Marxist students at the City University of New York,” were on hand with their signs demanding revolution as the only solution.

Forget the previous night’s Christmas carols; the Progressive Labor Party was there with a chant sheet containing protest classics such as, “Hey cops you better start shaking, ’cause today’s pigs is tomorrow’s bacon.”

Next stop for many of the protesters: the Brooklyn Bridge (again).


Update: Commuters might want to avoid the Holland Tunnel as well.



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