Protesters seem to be attracted to holiday lighting festivities like moths. As Twitchy reported, a mob of Ferguson protesters crashed the tree lighting in Seattle, surrounding and terrifying young children gathered on stage to perform holiday music. Demonstrators in Philadelphia booed a children’s choir as they tried to sing Christmas carols. And in New York City last night, protesters convened but missed out on their dream to burn down the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Thursday night was the lighting of the Washington Monument in Baltimore, Md., and once again, the promise of families enjoying holiday festivities was too much for Eric Garner demonstrators to resist.

(Those signs were kindly provided by the Baltimore People’s Power Assembly, dedicated to overthrowing the brutal system maintained by the U.S. imperialist ruling class.)

Here’s some holiday cheer.

Here’s video of the “cordial” protesters overpowering a Christmas choir.