Last week Rolling Stone published a shocking article about an alleged gang rape at The University of Virginia. Now some are questioning whether the the writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely did her due diligence investigating the story.

The concern about Erdely’s account arises largely from the revelation that she did not interview those accused of the horrible crime. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes:

If they were being cited in the story for mere drunkenness, boorish frat-boy behavior or similar collegiate misdemeanors, then there’d be no harm in failing to secure their input. The charge in this piece, however, is gang rape, and so requires every possible step to reach out and interview them, including e-mails, phone calls, certified letters, FedEx letters, UPS letters and, if all of that fails, a knock on the door. No effort short of all that qualifies as journalism.

(An update to Wemple’s post indicates that Rolling Stone has since corrected that error.)

Erdely has reportedly gone to ground and is refusing to take questions.

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