Last night, CNN’s Don Lemon went off on the real Ferguson troublemakers: The bloggers.

He’s back at it today:

Here’s what Lemon said, via WaPo’s Erik Wemple:

“OK, here’s the thing that people at home should understand. So there is this outrage that everyone thinks is out there. Most of that outrage is coming from the Internet and social media. When you actually come here on the ground and the people who are actual protesters…most of them peaceful. They have a beef and they are being peaceful about it. And they aren’t the people who are out there causing the commotion every day. It is a lot of the times here bloggers and people who are trying to make a name for themselves. People who want you to follow them on Twitter; or follow their blog; or follow them on livestream. So when we came in, we were confronted by a blogger; when the Rev. Al Sharpton came in, we were confronted by a blogger for questions that had nothing to do with the situation here about personal issues, or whatever. It has nothing to do with anything — not respectful of the situation. So they come in, they stick a camera in your face: ‘Do you want to comment about this, what do you have to say about that.’ And, what do you do?”

But wait — there’s more!

Lemon went on to say that the press conference got unruly when some bloggers were attempting to “confront” a member of the Brown family. “She got sick of it, she started speaking out about it,” said Lemon, noting that people then tried to expel these bloggers.

“These were bloggers and as many people are calling them, ‘outside agitators’ That’s where the commotion is coming from,” said Lemon. Don’t go thinking that “everyone here is pissed off and angry or what have you. It’s the people who are online who are taking things out of context. Those are the people who are really creating the stir.”

Suuuuuuuuure, buddy.

True story.



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