Twitchy has featured the work of Indianapolis Star cartoonist Gary Varvel before, particularly when it catches the attention of a known quantity like Brit Hume, but Friday’s editorial cartoon depicting what appears to be illegal immigrants crashing a Thanksgiving dinner has ignited such a backlash that the paper’s editor has said he “erred” in publishing it and has removed it from the paper’s website.

Ouch. Taylor explained, in part:

Gary did not intend to be racially insensitive in his attempt to express his strong views about President Barack Obama’s decision to temporarily prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants living and working illegally in the United States.

But we erred in publishing it.

Cartoons are seldom intended to be read literally. And Gary did not intend this one to be viewed that way. He intended to illustrate the view of many conservatives and others that the president’s order will encourage more people to pour into the country illegally.

The cartoon survives on Twitter, though, accompanied by some scathing criticism.


Taylor further explained that Varvel’s “depictions in this case were inappropriate; his point could have been expressed in other ways.” Maybe if the immigrants were serving the dinner to the family; right, Hillary?


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