Jay Leno is scheduled to perform at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s dinner on opening night of the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show in January. Shannon Watts who heads up the Michael Bloomberg funded Mom’s Demand anti-gun group is organizing a social media campaign against Leno as a result.

Apparently Watts doesn’t think people working in the industry that makes the guns used by her private security people are worthy of having entertainment at their annual dinner. How dare they, right?

Did you hear the one about the clueless lefty who couldn’t come up with a clever meme?

No, Shannon. Shilling is what you do for Michael Bloomberg and his anti Second Amendment ambitions. Leno is being paid to perform by a trade show.

It seems her flying monkeys are equally confused about the difference between an industry trade show and the “gun lobby.”

Common sense is not Shannon’s forte.

(hat tip @Gabby_Hoffman)



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