There’s not much good news for President Obama and his immigration allies in this new NBC poll:

And this NBC poll fits with the two polls we reported on yesterday that show that the President’s imperial solution to immigration is not popular:

But check out how much NBC wants to spin these awful numbers for the president, via Josh Jordan:

Summary from NBC: These numbers are bad news, but don’t trust them.

So, do we have to go through all of NBC’s old polls and see if they’ve given similar warnings to not trust their own reporting? That answer looks to be, yes:

Here’s a longer excerpt from NBC:

Not surprisingly, these numbers largely break along partisan lines: 63 percent of Democrats approve of Obama taking executive action here, versus just 11 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of independents.

Latinos are divided, with 43 percent supporting the action and 37 percent opposing it. But the sample size here is small (just 110 Latino respondents), so the numbers have a high margin of error.

And notice that NBC doesn’t caution their readers on interpreting poll results from one of their overly broad questions that looks to be designed to over-report the number of Americans supporting immigration reform:

The new NBC/WSJ poll also finds a majority of Americans (57 percent) favoring a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and that increases to 74 percent when respondents are told that such a pathway requires paying fines and back taxes, as well as passing a security background check.

And here are two good questions:

Now, there was a “poll” taken in Oregon in early November on immigration that did deal with specifics, and not some yet-to-be announced plan:

Weird! When voters, even in a liberal state like Oregon, get a chance to vote on individual portions of immigration reform, they reject it.


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