You really can’t make this up. Here is soon-to-be-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid who today urged the president to act on immigration “as soon as possible.”

But here is Reid from just last week, urging the president to wait on issuing an executive order on immigration to help avert a government shutdown:

More from the November 13 ABC story in the link above:

Harry Reid Urges White House to Delay Immigration Executive Action

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has privately asked the White House to delay an executive order on immigration until Congress passes a spending bill to keep the government running, ABC News has learned.

While Reid supports President Obama’s ability to act on his own on immigration, he told senators today that he is increasingly concerned some Republicans will seize on the move and try to block the funding bill, which could lead to a government shutdown.

Note the date of a government shutdown would be December 11, which means Reid is contradicting himself from last week, no?

And it’s not just conservatives who are angry with Reid’s latest. Some are asking why Reid didn’t push for this before the election:

Maybe Reid is worried that this new polls is bad news for the president’s plan and if it’s not acted on now, the public will only get less supportive of it:

So, Harry — what’s changed?