“So how are things going for feminism?” asks Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit, in an opinion piece published in Saturday’s edition of USA Today. “Well, last week they took one of the great achievements of human history — landing a probe from Earth on a comet hundreds of millions of miles away— and made it all about the clothes.”

As Twitchy reported, “slutshirt shamed” British physicist Matt Taylor of the Rosetta probe project gave a tearful apology Friday for demonstrating “casual misogyny” in his choice of attire for the day of the comet landing. Many on Twitter came to Taylor’s defense: “Can we make a bigger deal out of nothing?” asked one tweeter.

Reynolds took his defense of Taylor to USA Today, calling the incident “one small shirt for a man, one giant leap backward for womankind.”

“It seems to me that if you care about women in STEM,” he adds, “maybe you shouldn’t want to communicate the notion that they’re so delicate that they can’t handle pictures of comic-book women. Will we stock our Mars spacecraft with fainting-couches?”

That will have to wait; Reynolds’ article is proof that there’s a terrible shortage of fainting-couches here on earth. To further illustrate the backlash against Taylor, Reynolds quoted a tweet in which The Atlantic’s Rose Eveleth wrote, “No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt.” But is it true that he “doxxed” her too, a la Anonymous? That’s crazy.

Huh? Where did this ridiculous (and defamatory) “doxxing” idea come from? Here?

Something like that.

Excellent advice. And maybe read his piece in USA Today. Carefully.

Editor’s note: The headline of this post was edited to correct a typo.