Chances are looking pretty good, actually. It was just a few hours ago that a fifth video emerged of Jonathan Gruber, one of the main architects of Obamacare, this time dismissing a comment by a concerned citizen by asking if it was “written by my adolescent children by any chance?” And now a sixth video has surfaced.

Welcome to the party, CNN.

So, does Gruber just lie in this one, or does he outright insult the American electorate again, or both? This video concerns tax credits for employer-based health insurance, and as Gruber admits, “the only way we could get rid of it was first by mislabeling it, calling it a tax on insurance plans rather than a tax on people when we all know it’s a tax on people who hold those insurance plans.”

Purposely “mislabeling” it to get rid of it?

Frankly, no.

Well, it was an important election year with bigger issues to talk about, like Big Bird and binders full of women.

On to video number 7?