We won’t hold our breath. But, Montel Williams didn’t wait: He rightly took on the offensive and frankly despicable article published by Salon. As Twitchy readers know, Salon wants us to “stop worshipping men in uniform” and it lamented calling America’s bravest “heroes.” Worse: Salon has unbelievably referred to rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard as a hero and the author of the Salon piece has called Jesse Jackson a hero elsewhere. Enraging.

Montel Williams gave both Salon and the author the business. And it was awesome.


Montel Williams also retweeted this:

He continued:

Good question. What say you, Joan?

And an exit suggestion from Mr. Williams:

Make it happen, Twitter.


He retweeted these:

And continues to challenge the despicable Salon:

Keep it coming, Mr. Williams. We’re with you!


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