John Lewis, a UK retailer, has just released it’s 2014 “Christmas advert” and it’s adorable. World, meet “Monty” the penguin. Warning — you might need tissues:

Ahhhh. Monty gets a girlfriend!

Many on Twitter like the ad as much as we do. Some examples:

And then people ruin it:

Oh, come on! “Hetreosexist”? (Note: Heterosexist is partly defined as the “assumption that all people are heterosexual.”)

Here’s an excerpt from the Slate piece:

According to Gay Star News, the homosexuals of my native land are miffed at what they perceive as the heteronormativity of the ad. As several British tweeters pointed out, penguins are known to be a gay-friendly species. NBC’s Parks and Recreation has spotlighted a same-sex penguin couple at the Pawnee Zoo, and as Outward’s Mark Joseph Stern reported this summer, a book about gay penguins was banned in Singapore.


Unfortunately, I later discovered that the ad has an official backstory, one that imposes a gender binary: The boy is called Sam, his favorite toy is Monty, and the new addition to their ménage goes by the old-fashioned moniker of Mabel. And it’s all a plot to sell $150 stuffed toys. Yep, that sounds like Christmas to me.

So Monty has a girlfriend and that’s why the ad is being targeted? Give us a break!

You can read more about Monty and Mabel love’s story via their Twitter feeds:

Don’t tell Slate, but there might be some sexism going on here as Monty has almost 15,000 followers and Mabel only about 2000.

Come on, Brits — give Mabel some #FF love!


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