As Ferguson, Mo., prepares to learn if Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the August shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, protesters have compiled a list of demands — rules of engagement for an impending riot — and presented it to law enforcement and the media. As Bearing Arms reports:

They want a 48-hour notice in advance of the grand jury decision for riot prep (presumably to stockpile rocks, bricks, bottles, etc).

They want to be able to use social media and cell phones to shift and focus riots (a lesson they learned from the “Arab Spring”) with impunity and without communications interference.

They want to be able to assemble mobs as large as they want, wherever they want, for as long as they want.

They want police officers to allow rioters extensive latitude in their actions, while heavily restricting police response.

Perhaps most disturbing, they want [the] police to have minimal defensive protection against rioters, and assurances that the police won’t use the tools that may be needed to break-up riots once they turn violent.

And of course, they want virtual “get out of jail free cards” for both the leaders of their movement and the rioters themselves.

For real. This screenshot from CNN, for example, shows that demonstrators want to be able to engage in “minor law breaking” such as throwing water bottles at police, who, by the way, “will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety.”