Andrew Kaczynski? An agenda? The devil, you say!

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that GOP Sen. James Inhofe is likely to head the Environment and Public Works Committee next year:

Kaczynski shared the news with his followers today, altering the headline a little:

Oh, Andrew. For the record, Sen. Inhofe hasn’t denied that climate change is happening — he just doesn’t believe that humans are the cause:

In his 2012 book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” Inhofe describes himself as a lonely crusader against an environmental-liberal conspiracy. “First I stood alone in saying that anthropogenic [man-made] catastrophic global warming is a hoax,” he wrote.

Shortly after becoming chairman of the committee in 2003, Inhofe took issue with the theory that increasing carbon dioxide emissions causes catastrophic disasters. “Actually,” he said, “global warming can be beneficial to mankind,” leading to improvements in the environment and the economy.

The book lays out his belief that the EPA needed to be constrained. Its regulations, he wrote, have long threatened the U.S. economy, a situation that has only grown more severe in recent years, as the Obama administration and its allies on the left perpetuate the myth of man-made climate change — and propose an executive branch initiative to address the problem.

But that doesn’t matter, because as far as Kaczynski is concerned, Inhofe is, like all Republicans, a backward, knuckle-dragging rube. Who hates science, natch.

Kaczynski doesn’t like being mocked, even if he deserves it:

Sucks to be him, then!

We should like to meet these scientists of which Andrew speaks. Oh, look. Here they come now:


True story. Here’s another one:



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