Salon has had it with that awful “Republican voter suppression scheme” in Texas, otherwise known as voter ID laws:

Allow them to elaborate:

The unconstitutional law, for now, replaces the state’s previous Voter ID law which had already required every single voter to present an ID at the polls before voting. That’s right, that was already the law since 2003, and during the trial, state Republicans were only able to demonstrate two cases of polling place impersonation over the past decade out of 20 million votes cast in the same period.

Nonetheless, with the new, much more draconian version of the law threatening some 600,000 legally registered voters who do not have the new type of ID required to vote, all sorts of disenfranchisement is already underway.

Well, we’ve got some bad news for Salon: It looks like their darling Wendy Davis is part of the problem.

Oh, Wendy … how could you?



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