As Twitchy reported, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal earlier this month blasted the president’s response to the Ebola crisis with his classic four-step “Barack Obama School of Crisis Management.”  Republican Jindal has long urged a travel ban on flights from those West African countries where the virus is rampant, while Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu has accused Republicans of “fear mongering,” preferring instead to demonstrate personally that Ebola can’t be transferred via a righteous keg stand.

Last week, the Washington Times reported that Landrieu “was pleased the Homeland Security Department is tightening airport screening for passengers from three West African countries with an Ebola outbreak, screening she urged in a letter to the administration;” however, she wasn’t on board with a quarantine or ban on commercial flights, accusing Republicans of using the African virus outbreak to “create fear” here in the United States.

That was last week, though. Landrieu has suddenly become more comfortable with a mandatory 21-day quarantine on travelers from the hot zone.

Enough with the rubber stamp talk, OK?