America, meet Chris Hayes, a TV host so brave that he will “literally” bowl in the face of Ebola in New York City:

Wow, Chris. This is impressive. How does a nation birth such men?

Heh. Yes, he’ll rent shoes and spend 15 minutes on his MSNBC show bragging about it. More:

“Hunter kids.” LOLOLOL. (Note: Hunter is an exclusive public school in NYC that Hayes attended, and has blasted in the past for its record on admitting minorities.)

Well said. It’s true that we don’t use the word “hero” enough, but that’s OK because when we do use that word — like right now for Chris “the hero” Hayes, it just means so much more.

One question, however: how are those plans coming anyway? Because as we reported last night the health department in NYC has closed the bowling alley in Brooklyn, The Gutter, visited by the brave, but careless Dr. Craig Spencer.  When, exactly is your literal trip planned?


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